The future cannot
be predicted,
but it can
be invented.

The future cannot be predicted, but it can be invented.


We are living science fiction

With our smart cars, artificial intelligences, and hand-held com devices, we are already living in a science fiction future. Much of the high tech that is so casually integrated into our lives was clearly anticipated by and depicted in yesterday's science fiction. Many science fictions have served directly as prototypes and propagandas, communicating and seeding technologies ahead of their arrival. In this way, stories help us see and explain new ideas in context. 

story-based prototyping

Now it's your turn. Stories help us envision and understand new ideas. So let's cast our concepts and ideas in stories of our own. Authoring fictions (stories, videos, sketches, storyboards) that incorporate the experiences and technologies you are crafting allows you to better predict, comprehend and test their potential. SFS allows you to glean valuable truths and insights that are otherwise difficult to anticipate or imagine in any other way.

Science fiction studio

SFS is a 2-4 day workshop. Our team will introduce you to the methods of story-based prototyping and guide you through a series of story creation exercises crafted to embed and explore your technology, experience, or, business idea. You will leave with stories, insights, recommendations, and the future.

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